Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday, Dec 10th, Las Vegas, NV

We didn't know how far we were going to get this night considering that we went out the night before for another anniversary dinner and then to the "Santa Rampage" on Fremont Street, but we ventured out to start the night at Second Saturday at Gamma Gamma Gallery at Emergency Arts in downtown LV. What once was a lonely hallway at EA has become the happening spot to hang, talk art and party! A fun time was had by all. And, of course, Krystal Ramirez's fine show Control was on display.

From EA we moved across the street to the Las Vegas Beauty Bar to catch our pals, the Tinglerz and, as usual, they did not disappoint! Action-packed garage-y/Heartbreakers-y punk'n'roll with super cool tunes by some of the best in LV! Catch 'em if you ever get the chance!

We stuck around long enough to see some of Deadhand (yes, a terrible name) and was impressed by their brand of pop-punk, high-energy, musicianship, songs and low-slung guitar! Good stuff!

Then off to the Double Down Saloon to catch the terrific garage-rock band, the Love Me Nots. Hot chicks, rockin' guys, plenty of fuzz'n'Farfisa and fantastic tunes - these cats'n'kittens are always a blast! They are a constant blur of motion, especially lead singer Nicole Laurenne who has an amazing voice and can man-handle her Farfisa with fab licks while dancing up a storm! Michael Johnny Walker calls up a whirlwind of fuzz while returning drummer Jay Lien pounds the skins like a Clem Burke clone and new chick on the block Sophie O anchors everything down while adding some extra vocals. Incredible band, a wild show and a fabulous way to celebrate our anniversary weekend and take the edge off of the X cancellation. Thanks to the Love Me Nots and the Double Down for a cool night of rock'n'roll!