Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Supersuckers Live at the Las Vegas Country Saloon Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

When the Supersuckers first appeared on the scene, their simplistic songs and egomaniacal schtick really didn’t do much for me and I thought that they were highly overrated. But, these days, with so little good rock’n’roll in the world (or at least in the LV music scene), the band’s twin Les Paul/Marshall attack was a welcome relief - and their tunes have grown on me over the years.

We were extremely disappointed when the Blasters cancelled their slot on this show (oddly, opening for the Supersuckers) since neither of us had seen them in years and years, and we got to the club late (LV clubs are notorious for not giving any kind of realistic set times) so we missed 3 Bad Jacks (other than a sappy, acoustic closing number), but made it for the main event!

The ‘Suckers were in fine form, with all of their prerequisite bravado, posturing, chant-along songs and LOUD guitars (one of the louder shows we have been to in a long time). The guitars riffed constantly, the drummer was terrific (didn’t catch his name, but he was a monster) and Eddie Spaghetti still has a cool r’n’r voice while holding down the bass – keeping it basic so that everyone else can noodle on top of it!

They did their “hits” – “Born With a Tail”, “Double Wide” and many more, along with a number of good new tunes as well as a fun cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cowboy Song” (yes, a lot of others have already done this, but still rockin’).

Overall, well worth venturing out for, even on a cold, Las Vegas Tuesday night! Maybe not the “greatest rock’n’roll band in the world”, as Eddie repeatedly claimed, but still a good time!