Friday, December 30, 2011

Wishbone Ash - Argus

Definitely one of my guilty pleasures, which is sure to get me kicked out of the "cool club", is Wishbone Ash! Having first heard and seen them in the mid-70's, I have always been attracted to their twin-guitar and vocal harmonies. Few bands have ever concentrated on both to such a degree. And, of course, my memories are helped by having made out with my first girlfriend innumerable times to their music!

This CD has many of the songs that I know best (mostly from their live album), including the beautiful "Blowin' Free", "The King Will Come", "Warrior", "Throw Down Your Sword", and, as bonus tracks, live takes of "Jail Bait", "Pilgrim" and "Phoenix".

No, this is not raw, raucous rock'n'roll. But this is cool pop music with excellent vocals and amazing guitar interplay. Nice stuff!