Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Tinglerz & The Lucky Cheats 8-11-12 at the Bunkhouse, Las Vegas

It was a rare, rainy night in Las Vegas, but those who ventured out to the Bunkhouse were treated to a special night of fantastic rock'n'roll!

 I have raved about the Tinglerz numerous times already but they just keep getting better & better! Their manic,  Johnny Thunders-esque punk'n'roll seems more crazed with each show! But it's not all just non-stop stage action and wild riffs - there are real songs here, too! Great playing, great energy, great guys! This is a must-see band! They play Vegas & LA regularly so don't miss out, West-Coasters! Be sure to "like" their Facebook page!

I had not seen the Lucky Cheats before but I guess I've only been "cheating" myself, as they were a phenomenal blues/rock quartet with a helluva harmonica player! The set consisted of a combination of originals and blues covers, all played with style and abandon! Everyone is highly talented, though my ears were naturally drawn to the superb harp playing from Jeffrey Koenig and intricate string-stylings from Wade Braggs. Of course, the rhythm section were tight and well-honed as well, with Luke Metz on bass and vocals and Larry Reha on pounding drums. When they did Howling' Wolf's "Do the Do", Melanie was transported back to LA's Cathay de Grande back when Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs would host Blues Mondays. The Cheats are actually kinda what the Swamp Gospel was aiming to do before we evolved into whatever it is we do now, so, of course, we loved 'em!

The Las Vegas music scene seems to be improving all the time and we're damn glad to be a part of it! Get out and support some of these cool bands and venues!