Friday, October 26, 2012

Deep Purple Live in Concert 72/73

This DVD is, of course, of the famous Mach 2 version of DP with Gillian & Glover, at the top of their game - just as they have finished recording Machine Head. The '72 show is from Denmark and is the complete concert, and, funnily enough, does not contain what became their biggest hit - "Smoke on the Water", though they open with "Highway Star" - giving that tune the place of prominence. Overall, a great set, though, "Strange Kind of Woman", "Lazy", "Space Truckin'", "Fireball" and more, plus an encore of Little Richard's "Lucille"! Pro shot, but my biggest complaint is that there's not enough focus on Blackmore, but that's just from my guitarist point of view, I'm sure.

This set also includes their "In Concert" performance, which, of course, was just a few songs since they were part of a multi-band TV show. There is a very abbreviated "Strange Kind of Woman" (with the Gillian/Blackmore vocal/guitar trade-off), the by-then hit "Smoke on the Water" and "Space Truckin'". Bonus track is "Burn", from the Mach 3 version of the group (David Cloverdale/ Glen Hughes), taken from the televised California Jam.

All-in-all, a pretty superb set from this quintessential heavy metal/rock'n'roll band!