Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Paragraphs & Standard and Poor - the Double Down Saloon, Saturday Mar 29, 2014

Once again, this was a show that the Swamp Gospel opened and we were unfamiliar with the other bands on the bill and were only able to stay for the two after us - so I apologize for missing Money Penny and Water Landing (who seem like damn nice people - hopefully I will catch them somewhere soon).

Hailing from San Diego, the Paragraphs were finishing up a spring tour here at the Double Down and gave the club an energized dose of multi-layered rock'n'roll with some strong songwriting and influences ranging from early r'n'r like the Bobby Fuller Four to a little country to power pop. Lead singer/guitarist Jesse Lee Haufbauer has a nice, melodic voice that was capable of strong screams, as well, and drummer Mike Hunt (apparently, his real name) was a monster, who gave the group some nice dynamic touches. Their Facebook page doesn't give much specifics, but Abel and Adam are bass and guitar/keys (not sure which one was which - sorry guys - my mind can't retain names, as anyone who reads this blog well knows!) and give the tunes good flourishes. Really dug these cats a lot!

Riverside's Standard and Poor followed with a spirited and loud (it's always scary when someone wheels an SVT cabinet into the DD) set of 70's styled punk rock. Singer Shawn was a visual and emotional singer as the band blasted through some snotty originals and cool covers like Roxy Music's "Edition of You" and Iggy's "I Got a Right". More cool cats and fun times.
Again, sorry to the closers, but this old man can't stay out all that late any more. In any case, another fun night of varied r'n'r at the Double Down!