Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nina Coyote eta Chico Tornado at the Huntridge Tavern, Friday April 25, 2014

A friend of ours (thanks Dave!) told us about this 2-piece rock'n'roll band from Spain's Basque Country and thought that we would appreciate them and damn if they weren't one of the more fun groups that I've seen in ages - and super nice people, as well! This night was the final gig of a short American tour where they hit NYC along with several West Coast dates, including a night in LA where they had some equipment stolen. Even using borrowed stuff, they had a fantastic sound!

Nina Coyote eta Chico Tornado consists of Ursula Strong, a powerhouse in a tiny, sassy woman's body, who pounds the drums with the ferocity of her namesake Coyote and Koldo Soret on guitar and vocals who moves like a tornado through the stage as he lets loose on heavy guitar riffs that are augmented by an octave splitter, making it sound like he's playing guitar and bass simultaneously!

The sound is high-energy 70's riff-rock with plenty of skill, dynamics and style, reminding me of stuff like early Monster Magnet mixed with some Sabbath and maybe a dash of Thee Hypnotics as they blasted through a set of mostly original numbers, along with a cool cover of Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" (they also do the Stooges' "Gimme Danger" on their CD). The crowd loved their brand of rock'n'roll and they put on wild, visual show - especially entertaining considering they are just two people!

All around great time at the Huntridge Tavern - one of the cooler - and older - stand-alone bars in town. So glad that this cat & kitten were able to gig in Vegas and got to experience some Vegas r'n'r hospitality. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and grab their self-titled record!