Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Brothers Gross - Get Soaked and Draw Blood (demo)

Kyle Gross also fronted me this demo CD of two bands that he & Timmy are involved with - their main project, the Brothers Gross, and Draw Blood, which has Dana Lynn on lead vocals and is a bit more metal-y, though still damn catchy.

The songs alternative between the bands so starts with the terrific "Runaway" by BroGro (as they call themselves) before moving into the punk metal of "End of My City", with Dana's highly melodic vocals carrying the tune. Back to BroGro with "As the World Goes Round", with its mix of Stooges stomp, new-wave vocals and garage-y lead - kinda bizarre but damn freakin' cool at the same time! Draw Blood "Give It Right Back" is minimalistic drivin'' rock'n'roll, not unlike a more powerful Garbage or something along those lines. Probably the most low-fi number here is BroGro's "Girl Like You" which weirdly strikes me as a mix of the Boys and Vom! Damn amazing! The CD gives us a fake conclusion with Draw Blood's oft-kilter but highly melodic "Bleed" before they blast through Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation".

Hell, it seems like anything these brothers are involved with is pretty freakin' hot, so be sure to search them out wherever you are!