Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jeff Dahl - Wicked

I've got quite a number of Jeff's records and all are cool, but this one is one of my faves - great songs, great
production and great playing throughout. Guest stars abound here, from Dave Nazworthy (Chemical People), John Duffy (Powertrip/Shillaly Brothers), Bruce Duff (innumerable groups), Jaime Pina (Punk Rock Vatos), Amy Wichmann (Mini Skirt Mob/Jeff Dahl Group), Rikk Agnew (Adolescents), Melanie Vammen (Pandoras/Leaving Trains), Tony Adolescent and more!

This opens with the fabulous "Lisa's World", commenting on our mutual friend, Lisa Lombardo, whose solo record Jeff produced and I played on. Cool punk rock with a catchy chorus and breakdown ending in "Look at You", pure high energy in "The Face of an Angel", one of Jeff's classic riffs is the basis for "Just Like They Should" (with a hot Jamie Pina solo), "Radio Babylon" is a highlight, with Jeff playing some fine leads, ala his glam record. Melanie adds some keys and ambiance to "Tonight" that also has a neat'n'clean guitar solo by Paul Moser, which is followed by the ultra-frantic "Forever", then the over-driven "Arizona" (apparently about his self-imposed exile from LA to Cave Creek, AZ.), with an Amy lead and Jeff doing a call'n'answer with himself. "Just a Little Bit More" is a bit glammy while "Real High School Romance" is pure pop-punk (in a good way, of course!). Dahl has never been shy about his love for Mott the Hoople and although his take on "The Moon Upstairs" is brutally and viciously fast punk rock, it still pulses with the spirit of the original. The finale is the title cut, a beautiful noise fest (with a beat) worthy of "LA Blues" - fantastic!

As I've said, damn near anything that this man does is worthy of owning, but this one is particularly powerful all around.