Friday, July 11, 2014

The Crumbs - "The Crumbs"

The Crumbs were (or maybe still are - I see online there was a 2010 release) a 90's punk rock band from Florida who released a few sporadic records, including this slab for Lookout! Their 70's styled punk rock is highly reminiscent of bands like the Saints (the singer especially reminds me of Chris Bailey), with hints of the Ramones and the Dead Boys (there's a shout-out to Cheetah at one point, unless my ears deceive me, and since I just realized the song is called "dead boys too", I would wager I am correct).

Straight-ahead punk rock with strong playing, cool, short'n'to-the-point tunes, and plenty of snotty attitude. These cats were tons'o'fun and a well-done change of pace from a lot of the stagnant scene at the time.

Nothing original, but who really wants that?! Good disc!