Saturday, July 05, 2014

Link Protrudi and the Jaymen - Seduction

Rudi Protrudi always had side projects besides the Fuzztones and for the most part, they were all really fun and high quality. The Jaymen - originally a tribute to Link Wray, of course - was one of the best and this is my fave record from the combo.

With the help of ex-Fuzztone Jordan Tarlow on bass (and engineering - superb sound here) and Brian Keats on percussion, they tackle cool, instrumental takes on Arabic/belly-dancing/exotica tunes and create truly memorable numbers. Most of the songs are originals credited to all three men, though there are some covers, such as the traditional "Kumar", the surf classic "Misourlou", Sonny Lester's "Seduction of the Virgin Princess" and even Tschaikowsky's "Arabian Nights"!

While there is plenty of fuzz here, it is used with restraint, for effect and coloring, not for bombastic garage riffs. Keats' percussion really carries a lot of the numbers, and the added organ is particularly effective, while Tarlow's bass gives it all a driving bottom.

Due to the distinctive and interesting concept and performance, this is one of the better instrumental records in my collection. Seek it out!