Friday, July 04, 2014

The Shame Idols - Rocket Cat

This record continues where I Got Time left off - lots of heavy guitars, highly melodic tunes, cool
melodies and damn good rock'n'roll songs!

The sound is very much like the previous record - reminding me of Flop at times - but with some growth showing and little extras, like the piano driving "Ubermensch" and the riff-laden "Endora" and "Neon Geyser", which also features keys prominently. In "Picture of a Clown" they use a Kinks-styled chord-riff with a quieter breakdown for the choruses. The guitars here truly are huge and the leads are nasty and noisy, but the songs have sweet, singalong melodies. Really good balance of everything.

For the title cut they bring out some nice changes and go for the gold with the vocal harmonies and the "lalalala" bridge. They continue the rockin' catchiness with the terrific "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", "My Star" (with even more concentration on multi-part harmonies and an almost metallic lick), the punkier "Well Wisher" and "I Don't Trust You", the exquisite pop of "She's on the Phone" and "Mascot Lodge" (with some nice Beatles-esque textures) before ending with the power-pop anthem "If I Fell (In Love With You)".

All around super hip big-guitar-pop!