Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Sloths at the Double Down Saloon, August 2, 2014

Last night the Swamp Gospel got to open for 60's Back From the Grave legends the Sloths, as they continue to take over the world with their return to the life of rock'n'roll after far too many years. The current line-up includes singer Tommy McLoughlin, guitarist/bassist Michael Rummans, guitarist/bassist Mark Weddington, our old LA pal Pat DiPuccioon guitar and Ray Herron on drums.

The sound now is a mix of 60's garage and classic 70's punk, with Michael and Mark trading instruments and both providing biting leads throughout, while Pat mainly holds down the rhythm, Ray smashes'n'crashes the drums and Tommy runs rampant through the crowd.

Opening with Love's "7&7 Is", they then blasted through a set of 60's covers, new originals, and, of course, their BFTG smash "Makin' Love". McLoughlin literally had a box'o'tricks with him to help illustrate each tune, from the blow up dolls in "Never Enough Girls in the World", to the noose in "End of my Rope" to dancing with girls in the audience in "Lust" (another one of the 7 deadly sins, along with "sloth"), to the velvet jacket he wore in the 60's to sparklers emitting from his hands to his stabbing himself in the heart for the closer "Gloria"!

Absolutely excellent musically and plenty'o'fun visually, these cats are not a novelty nostalgia act, but rockers that still know how to put on a wild show with energy and style. Make sure to check 'em out if they come your way!

You can check out their Bo Diddley-esque garage monster "Makin' Love" here.