Tuesday, September 16, 2014

3D6 - Space Fapping

Proudly declaring themselves "nerd-rock", Las Vegas' 3D6 (a Dungeons and Dragons reference) is
the real thing - one of the guys works for the IT company that my business uses!

The music is pop-punk (fittingly) and the lyrics reference themselves and D&D ("Save Does Not End"), George Lucas and Princess Leia ("I Love Star Wars Anyway"), sex and Star Trek ("The Whore of Enterprise D" - something that I'm sure would be needed on those long trips), video games and girlfriends ("I Killed a Dragon" - "and you don't even care"), role playing games and the boredom of "real life" ("I'd Rather Live in an R.P.G."), masturbation in space and the lack of subject matter ("Satellite of Self Love", which uses the album title as the chorus), felching - or similar practices ("Parvo Deuce"), getting high and reading comics ("Stonerd" - great title!), agoraphobia - or just a general, reasonable disgust with the world ("Why Do I Go Out in Public") and, of course, a monumental, (faux)-string-laden ode to the replaceable Star Trek crew members, "Red Shirt Requiem".

Complete silliness but frantically entertaining. Sure to come to a comic book store near you!