Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever - Tom Neely and Friends

I've written about Tom Neely's talents a few times already, and reviewed one of the comics that appear in this compilation, but just found this book and had to let everyone know that they need this, as well!

Tom is an immensely talented artist who has worked in many mediums and lately is receiving well-deserved kudos for his work on this project as well as his new comic (that I still need to get), The Humans. For those who haven't heard of this yet, the concept is that Henry Rollins and Glen Danzig are lovers, with 70's soft rockers Hall and Oates as their Satan-worshiping neighbors, and they all get into various high-jinx. Of course, there are countless pop culture and music references - I know that I'm not getting all of them since Tom is a number of years younger than I - along with lots of laughs  and some terrific artwork.

I personally prefer Tom's work to the other artists/writers of Igloo Tornado, but there are plenty of fun stories here, not to mention "The Secret History of Henry & Glenn Comics" which tests your comic knowledge with all of the in-jokes included.

Trust me, you want this!

And keep up with Tom at his blog here.