Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever #2 - Igloo Tornado

Our friend Tom Neely has come a long way since he first drew the Excessories as the Archies! His art is now in galleries across the country, in magazines, and on record covers and his graphic novels have won awards as well as critical acclaim. (I reviewed his first graphic novel, the Blot, here.) For the Henry and Glenn series he collaborates with Mark Rudolph and Josh Bayer as Igloo Tornado - each telling their own stories in their own ways.

I really dig Neely's style and sense of humor and pop culture - in his tale he references Jack Kirby, internet memes, the Archies, Black Sabbath, Donald Duck, Hall and Oates, Rapture Ready and more. Fun, funny and well executed, it's always a blast! I could easily imagine Rudolph's "How the Chores Thrill" occurring in our world while Bayer's story is much more bleak than the others and, dare I say, serious!

More good stuff from Neely and company! You should support whatever this man is doing!