Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Whiskey Breath - live at the Bunkhouse CD

Another local country-esque band that I have raved about numerous times is the drinkin'n'screwin'n'fightin'n'whatever wildcats, Whiskey Breath. This CD is from a live set recorded at the (old) Bunkhouse, showing the band at their inebriated best!

The set begins with one of the most covered tunes of all time, "Folsum Prison Blues", done with plenty of piss and punk-rock vigor! Original live favorites follow, like the melodic "Westbound", "Wagon With a Broken Wheel" (about falling off the wagon - nice lyrics, tune and harmonies), "Summer Wind" (with guitarist Lahm doubling on harmonica, giving it a folkie feel), a Fred Eaglesmith number about turning to a life of crime, "Time to Get a Gun", their religious drinkin' song, "May Whiskey Be With You", another ode to bourbon, "Jim Beam is My Home Boy", a pretty faithful rendition of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door", an original titled "Midnight Special" (a song about loving one person but thinking about someone else), and, of course, closing with "She Broke My Heart So I Broke Her Jaw", which has offended more than a few, probably even as they were singing along with it!

Great vocals, great harmonies, solid rhythm section, great songwriting - cool stuff all around. As a guitarist, I wish that Lahm would take a few more leads (since I know he is capable), but that's my only complaint, if ya wanna call it that. See them when ya can and pick us this CD at their gigs - they're also selling for a measly 5 spot!