Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jimi Hendrix Hear My Train A Comin' (documentary)

Basically, this is an update on A Movie About Jimi Hendrix that I mentioned previously, with more
current interviews with some of the main characters in Jimi's life, along with some great studio footage with Eddie Kramer, soloing out some terrific parts of Jimi's tunes.

A lot - if not all - of the live footage has been seen by most fans by now - and a lot was included in the earlier documentary mentioned above - but it is always thrilling to watch the man play and be amazed at his skill and wizardry. He never fails to give me chills when I see his intensity and incredible talent.

Again, pretty much any fan will have seen most of the footage of Jimi, though I suppose there are bits and pieces of behind-the-scenes bits that probably are not wildly distributed. But, the interviews are fun and who can complain about hearing and seeing this stuff again?