Thursday, September 10, 2015

recommended gigs

Thursday Sept 10 - The B Sharps, Alan Six, the Shakes, Chug-a-Luv at Hell Pop!
Thursday Sept 10 - the Psyatics at the Double Down for movie night with Devo and Urban Struggle

Friday Sept 11 - Gollo's Cholo Party at Triple B with the Delta Bombers, Will and the Hi-Rollers, Savage Breed and more

Saturday Sept 12 - The Swamp Gospel at the Double Down
Saturday Sept 12 - the Unwieldies at City Bar

Wednesday Sept 16 - Shanda and the Howlers with the Astaires at the Griffin

Friday Sept 18 - We're Loud release party at the Double Down Saloon 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm - EARLY SHOW!
Friday Sept 18 - Dr. Phobic and the Phobic-Tones at the Dive Bar
Friday Sept 18 - Fuzz Solow with the Dirty Hooks, Payola Presley and High Arrow at Triple B

Saturday Sept 19 - the Unwieldies at The Dillinger, Boulder City

Monday Sept 21 - The Legendary Shack Shakers at the Sayers Club

Friday Sept 25 - Life is Shit Festival at the Dive Bar - with the Astaires, Swamp Pussy,  Leather Lungs and much more
Friday Sept 25 - the Super Zeroes at the Double Down

Saturday Sept 26 - the All Togethers, the Gentlemen of Four Outs and surprise special guests at the Pioneer Saloon

Sunday Sept 27 - Shannon and the Clams at the Beauty Bar
Sunday Sept 27 - The Insect Surfers (from LA), the Swank Bastards and the Nu Waves at Artifice

Friday Oct 9 - Cashed Out at the Beauty Bar with Eddy Bear and the Cubs
Friday Oct 9 - Sham 69 with the Psyatics at the Dive Bar

Sunday Oct 11 - the Riverboat Gamblers at the Beauty Bar

Friday Oct 16 - Time Crashers with Bad Beligion at LVCS

Saturday Oct 17 - Goddam Gallows and the Scoundrels at the Dive Bar

Friday Oct 23 - GWAR at Fremont Country Club

Wednesday Oct 28 - The Swamp Gospel at HellKat Car Club's Trunk or Treat

Saturday Oct 31 - Wanda Jackson with the Delta Bombers, Eddy Bear and the Cubs and the Yawpers at Triple B

Saturday Nov 7 - Geekapalooza at the Dive Bar with Tippy Elvis, the Doubleclicks, Time Crashers, Super Zeroes and 3d6
Saturday Nov 7 - Enchantment Under the Sea Dance at the Knights of Columbus Hall with Lil' Mo and the Dynaflos, the Swingin' Pedestrians, Shanda Cisneros and Scott Hinds

Wednesday Nov 11 - the Briefs at the Fremont Country Club - with Lagwagon

Wednesday Nov 25 - Public Imagine Ltd at Brooklyn Bowl

Saturday Dec 19 - Nashville Pussy at the Dive Bar

What have I forgotten? Lemme know!