Sunday, November 08, 2015

The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs - Fuck the Future, I Want Now 45

I finally picked up this new-ish single from the Cheetahs at their show the other week, and it is another intense, high-energy piece of Cheetah madness. "Fuck the Future" blasts'n'blazes with wild, loud guitars, lots of rockin' riffs, solid rhythm section, cool backing vocals and singer Frank shoutin' his throat out. Towards the end it breaks into a half-time with terrific "heys!" and shout-along "I want nows!". Whew!

The flip, "Escape From New York" has more "heys" (you can never go wrong with heys!) and lots of muscle'n'vim'n'vigor, as it - more or less - tells the tale of the movie, with their own updates. Meyer and Duff gets in a plethora of guitar licks while Sessa and Everett give classic Cheetahs' dynamics for the foundation.

Great job of recreating the Cheetahs sound 20 years (!!) in the future. They are back with the proverbial vengeance!