Sunday, January 24, 2016

Go Betty Go, the Two Tens, Roxy Gunn Project - the Dive Bar, Saturday Jan 23, 2015

I've been hearing about the Two Tens from my pals in Los Angelesfor quite a while and missed them on their last excursion out here, so made it a point to get out this time to check 'em out.

Although this show had 5 acts on the bill, it started quite early and I was running a little late so I missed Kat Calling and the Negative Nancys - sorry! Got there in time for the Roxy Gunn Project, a snappily dressed, female fronted pop-metal band with a highly animated bass player and solid musicians all around. Lead singer Roxy played guitar as well and I dug the dual guitar harmony riffs she would play off of the lead guitarist. The Dive Bar was pretty damn packed by the time they went on and they received a resounding ovation.

The Two Tens are a duo from LA consisting of Adam Bones on guitar (split through a guitar and bass amp for a fuller sound) and lead vocals and Rikki Styxx on drums on backing vocals/scream. They were both quite animated, as well, and Rikki is a powerful pounder who filled out the sound as Adam thrashed at his Telecaster. Really good punk rock tunes with real melodies and interesting changes. I do find that these days bands have to be doing something interesting with their punk rock to keep me entertained and this duo have real songs that are far from the generic punk rock fodder that is all too common. Definitely see them if you can!

I was not familiar with Go Betty Go (so named for the chant the band would use to get their guitarist, Betty, to start a song) before this evening but apparently they formed in the early 2000's and did quite a bit before splitting up in the mid-2000's and now reuniting. They also have very melodic, punk-rock-ish songs, led by the excellent voice and hip-shakin' cuteness of Nicolette. I was standing on the bassist's side of the stage and was impressed by her playing and on-stage demeanor, though everyone was totally solid on their instruments and Betty and Aixo (drums) contributed superior backing vocals, as well. Again, far from standard punk rock, almost to more Power Pop, with at least one song reminding me of my old faves, DM3. Totally fun and entertaining and seemed like damn nice people, as well.

Thanks again to Nate and the Dive Bar and its crew (shout out to sound man John, for helping all of the acts to sound great) for yet another cool night of rock'n'roll!