Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Alan Six - Illuminachos

Las Vegas seems to be the capital of goofball punk-pop combos and this trio has joined the fray. Featuring Dave (the Boy Scout guitarist in the Mapes) on drums (having learned them just for this project), his wife Adrienne on bass and lead crooning/shrieking and buddy Lance on buzzsaw guitar, Alan Six has come from the Ramones school of short-fast-and-melodic to tell you all of the things that they don't like. At times is does sound like Dave and Adrienne's daughter helped to write the songs - although several are about telling guys to f'k off and r'n'r rebellion - and there are innumerable pop culture references that this old man doesn't get ("Objectively Smoof", "Bel Biv Demotion of the Ocean", "Avoig the Noig!"), but lots that you can sing along with and plenty of "I don'ts" to chant along with.

Adrienne really can sing - and wail (she can truly pierce your ears live) - and several of the songs remind me of the late, great LA group the Creamers. They do work with different tempos and come up with real melodies - and even do a punk version of 60's doo-wop in the political treatise "There's No Crying in Alan Six" - and power through the seven songs before you know it.

Fun stuff from some cool Las Vegans - and only 5 bux! Whadda deal!