Monday, June 06, 2016

Greg Allen's Fringe Religion - CD Single

I've known guitar slinger Curt Florczak for decades now - since he was shredding the strings for LA's powerful punk'n'roll outfit, the B-Movie Rats (look for their reunion in July!). He moved to Boston a while back and has been involved in several projects (along with teaching guitar lessons and repairing gits) including this one.

Led by Greg Allen (natch) on vox and guitar, Curt adds the biting leads while Chicago Vin Earnshaw provides the low end and Chris Michaels pounds the skins.

The sound here is 70's power pop, with plenty of power! These cats would have fit right in with the LA scene bands like 20/20, the Knack and the like. Curt gives us some cool licks throughout the ode to unrequited love (a must for power pop), "Elevator Girl", a rockin' piece of pop with cool starts'n'stops and fun lyrics. The "flip", "Queen of Dirt" is more of the same, with good use of dynamics, dirty-ass power chords'n'riffs and an explosive lead section.

Fine, fun stuff here - my only complaint is that it is far too short! Check 'em out! (And guys, put your CD image on your Facebook page!)