Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Franks & Deans - How Did You All Get In My Room?

Las Vegas' Franks&Deans are a bearded, tuxedo-t-shirted, cargo-shorts-wearin' punk-pop combo that specializes in re-visioning Rat Pack-era tunes as Bad Religion songs! With three part harmonies by Rob, Sampson and Hoss (bass and guitars) and a snappy, drivin' beat by Pip, they pull this odd concept off surprisingly well. They have a strong Vegas fan base (with a residency at the Double Down Saloon, among other gigs throughout the city), tour regularly and now have this CD/LP on Squid Hat Records.

The sound overall is simple punk rock - as simple as it can be with some of the chord changes on these numbers - with tuneful vocals and plenty of harmonies and little flashbacks of other punk rock chestnuts, such as the Misfits' "One Las Caress" in "The Lady is a Tramp". There's a brief tribute to the Double Down in the intro to Bobby Darin's "Dream Lover", a ska/punk take on "All of Me" and "Mambo Italiano", an almost hard core "That's Amore", a harmony-driven "Mr. Bojangles" and plenty of other oldies re-imagined.

Nice guys, fun times and live, you get the added visual bonus of burlesque dance Nickole Muse! Dig it!