Saturday, October 08, 2016

The Reverberations - Mess Up Your Mind

Portland, Oregon's Reverberations were formed by guitarist/singer/songwriter Dave Berkham (formerly of The Cry) in order to create a new garage/folk/psych rock'n'roll outfit ready to take over the world! This LP, out on Germany's fantastic Screamin' Apple Records, shows that they are indeed ready'n'able!

If you are a fan of 80's bands like the Unclaimed or the Chesterfield Kings, then these cats are for you! They mix fierce fuzz with jangly 12 string guitars with cool pop and mind-boggling psych. "You Better Run" combines Electric Prunes vibrato with cool harmonies, fine fuzz licks and just damn good songwriting! The rhythm section bashes'n'swings on the title cut, a catchy garage stomper with a classic'n'brief quiet section and a smokin' solo! "Outtasite" is a a memorable, dance-able pop-riff-rocker, and then "Mystery" takes off where "99th Floor" left off and includes a mandatory garage rave-up. The guys create a Zombies/Blues Magoos-flavored, organ-fueled spooky-tune in "Succubus"and then a high-powered, high-energy rocker in "Wild!", combining clean guitar power chords with wild fuzziness, cool harp and drivin' rhythms.

Using the enduring 4-chord garage progression that has been the basis for millions of songs, the Reverbs throw in massive, over-the-top fuzz, intensity and repeated "nononononono's" to make "No No No" something all their own! Dialing it back a bit for the mid-tempo'n'moody "I'm Not There", they work with dynamics and more harmonies for this minor-key nugget and then are back in the distorted garage for the rockin' "Get What You Deserve", highlighted by some raga-rock riffs and irresistible melodies. They head to the ocean for the surfy "Don't Hurt My Pride" before ending with the frat-rockin', sax-honkin', sing-along "You're Mine, All Mine".

Really freakin' great album that mines the 60's without slavishly copying anyone and includes plenty of diversity in songs, sounds'n'tones. A total blast live, as well! Get it - you won't be sorry!