Thursday, November 17, 2016

Nina Coyote eta Chico Tornado - Lainoland

I had the distinct pleasure of being able to play with this dynamic duo once again a couple of weeks ago and picked up two more CDs from them (in addition to their debut that I got when we last played with them) and just have not have a spare second to get to them. These continue with their head-banging/stoner-rock/psych/metal/ whatever-the-hell-they-are sound that has been knockin' people out all over Europe, the States, Mexico and apparently Japan in the near future!

I always think that Black Sabbath is a major touchstone for these two (Koldo was wearing a Volume 4 t-shirt at the Double Down), but simply as a starting place - they mix it up with everything else that they can think of to create their own style. Here, "Tornado Warning" opens as a dark'n'stormy grungey instrumental, followed by their twisted take on Hendrix's "Foxey Lady". Ursula continues to bash out the beat with a power that belies her tiny frame (yes, I know I've said that before) while Koldo creates a huge sound by using a splitter to play guitar and bass simultaneously while using numerous pedals for a wide variety of tones. "Black Tumbleweed" is a dirgey, supremely heavy head-banging instro that winds up in a wildly fast cyclone of riffs while "Haize Eza" is a melodic vocal, grunge-rock number. This EP concludes with "SF", a dynamic, rockin' tune with plenty of changes as it rages with plenty of hard rock fortitude.

Yes, I love 70's hard rock as well as its many deviations over the decades, and these two combine it all in an original-sounding Sabbath-y stew. It helps that they're great people, as well! Get it and see 'em if ya can!