Friday, December 09, 2016

TV Party Tonight with the premier of Atomic Punks (the movie) with the Psyatics at the Double Down Thursday Dec 8, 2016

TV Party Tonight is a monthly movie night at the legendary Double Down Saloon, where you get to watch quality movies with a number of your closest - or at least drunkest - friends. This evening was the world premier of B-Movie Atomic Punks, which features many members of the Las Vegas punk scene, including Rob and Jack from the Psyatics. It has a roughly post-apocalyptic theme, with a fairly vague plot revolving around a trio of punk rock chicks and their adventures. Lots of fights, murders, maiming, blood and "guts" - and some amazing Terry Gilliam-esque animation from Rob - as well as interviews with the actors - acting as actors (yes, it can be a little confusing) - explaining the "shortcomings" of the film. Of course, watching in a crowded bar means that you don't really catch the minutia and all - or even most - of the dialogue, so I'm not really sure what all happened, but it was pretty damn entertaining regardless!

After the film, there was some movie trivia and give-aways and then a terrific set from local garage greats, the Psyatics. Yes, yes, yes, I rave about these cats probably more than anyone else on this blog, but they are one of my fave bands in town and they do keep getting better. This was a pretty smokin' set, with everyone drunkenly animated (or was that just me?) but playing spot-on with their excellent garage/punk numbers, and closing with their own take on the Velvet's "I Can't Stand It Any More".

Great night all around, although the dispensary next to the DD is bumming me out by taking up much needed parking spaces. I hope that they can expand into the big parking lot next door that was, unfortunately, locked up this evening. Anyway, tons of fun regardless!