Thursday, January 05, 2017

Franks and Deans Weenie Roast with Le Dominiki - Wednesday Jan 4, 2017

The Weenie Roast is Franks and Deans monthly, Wednesday night residency at the Double Down Saloon, where they provide free hot dogs, burlesque femmes and a local opening act. This evening the openers were Le Dominiki, a relatively new combo led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Nikki, along with husband and wife team Jesse (guitarist with the Swank Bastards, here on drums) and Nikki (bass and vocals). As everyone is learning their respective instruments, the sound is a bit loose, sounding a bit like Lilith Fair mixed with Half Japanese with a dash of the Shaggs. The tunes are quite melodic with fine lead vocals and harmonies by the Nikki's. I dug when they went into discordant territory, with off-kilter rhythms while still maintaining the melodies. Unique and interesting - we'll see what this evolves into.

Franks'n'Deans have made a number of appearances in this blog as modern purveyors of Rat Pack numbers, done with punk rock and ska backings. There's references to bands like the Ramones, Sex Pistols, Kiss, Black Sabbath and more, but the gents provide excellent three part harmonies throughout. Their constant touring means that they always put on a tight show, even at the laid-back Double Down, and their dancer Nikole Muse provides the visual entertainment.

The Weenie Roasts always provide burlesque dancers as well as musical groups and the first up this evening (the only one I saw - besides Nikole- since I had to leave by midnight or so due to it being a work night) was HulaRev, who strips while dancing with hula hoops (hence her name), including lit-up hoops, which gives a wild, psychedelic feel to the proceedings.

The Roasts are always a good, varied time, for those who can stay up mid-week. Added to the mix was Professor Rex Dart on the turntables, keeping the music flowing between acts.Coolness all around!