Wednesday, March 22, 2017

James Hunnicutt, the Rhyolite Sound at the Bunkhouse, Tuesday Mar 21,2017

This was an interesting - and early - week night show with one of my fave local groups along with two acts that I was not familiar with but birthday boy/promoter Brian Moy recommended.

I caught the Rhyolite Sounds just last week for the first time in a while and while this evening's set was essentially the same, I always enjoy these honky-tonkin' cats. The songs have a variety of tempos, which got people dancin', Davis gets a couple of bass "solos", there's plenty of great harmonies, frantic lead git playin', swingin' beats and drivin' acoustic guitar. It seemed like the early hour gave the guys license to cut loose a bit more, like in the almost metal, rip-roarin' lead break in the goofily entertaining "Bulge in Satan's Pants", a spot-on "Ooh Las Vegas" and a slow, simmerin' stomper nicked from Freddy King's "Goin' Down" (that they used to do) that at first seems like a loose jams but coalesces into a speedy rocker. Always a fun time!

And birthday boy got a cake and a serenade to celebrate his day!

I do nt know James Hunnicut, but apparently he was a rockabilly car (who played the Bunkhouse in its past incarnation) who is now a more casual, long-haired, acoustic bard. Armed with just an acoustic guitar (which really did sound great going through the Bunkhouse's PA - kudos to the soundman) and a terrific voice, James ran through a set of poppy, singer/songwriter-ish tunes with some fine pickin'n'strummin'. There was a little bit of country, a little pop, a little rockabilly and even a cover of Danzig's "I'm the One"! Plenty of talent here, but appearing in between two full bands did bring down the energy a bit, especially on a week night. An opening set would have helped the pacing of the night, in my un-asked-for opinion.

I was quite interested in seeing the Stoned Evergreen Travelers, but the night ran a bit longer than I had hoped and I took off so that I could get some rest for today's hectic work day.

In any case, thanks again to Brian Moy for a cool night at the Bunkhouse!