Thursday, April 20, 2017

recommended gigs

Thursday April 20 - Thee Swank Bastards, Franks'n'Deans, the Pluralses at the Dive Bar
Thursday April 20 - JonEmery Dodds, Brandon Madejek and the All Togethers at the Rusty Spur

Friday April 21 - the All Togethers and the Tea for Two Variety Review at the Beauty Bar
Friday April 21 - Water Landing with Strike 12, Surface Report and Call Shot at the Double Down

Saturday April 22 - Durango 66 at the Golden Tiki
Saturday April 22 - Assorted Jellybeans and the Maxies, Phenomenauts, Alan Six and lots more at Backstage Bar and Billiards
Saturday April 22 - the Phenomenauts at the March for Science
Saturday April 22 - the All Togethers at Artisan

Sunday April 23 - Battle of the Bands for Life is Beautiful - the Bunkhouse at noon
Sunday April 23 - Girl Haggard at the Pioneer Saloon

Monday April 24 - Thee Swank Bastards with Szandora Lavey at the Golden Tiki AND the Double Down

Wednesday April 26 - Tacacat, Negative Nancys and the Van der Rohe at the Beauty Bar

Thursday April 27 - Goldtop Bob at the San Dollar

Friday April 28 - Le DomiNiki at the Dillinger with Matthew Whaley

Saturday April 29 - The Swamp Gospel and the return of the Gentlemen of Four Outs at the Golden Tiki

Thursday May 4 - 3d6, Water Landing, Dr Phobic, Forget Me Nows at Backstage Bar and Billiards

Saturday May 20 - the Swamp Gospel with the Psyatics and Sin Eaters at the Double Down

Thursday May 25 - Shoen Knife at the Beauty Bar

Friday May 26 - Television and the Weirdos at the Bunkhouse!

Monday June 12 - Heroine, Shawn James, the Psyatics at the Beauty Bar

Sunday June 18 - Guitar Wolf at the Beauty Bar

Friday June 23 - the Peculiar Pretzelmen and the Gentlemen of Four Outs - venue TBA

Saturday July 8 - Blondie and Garbage at the Palms

Wednesday August 2 - the Delta Bombers at the Beauty Bar

Thursday Aug 3 - David Allen Coe at the Dive Bar

Thursday Sept 7 - Sept 10 - Big Blues Bender at the Plaza

What have I forgotten? Lemme know


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