Saturday, June 17, 2017

Melanie and the Midnite Marauders, Danger Inc and the Sheiks of Neptune at the HUntridge Tavern, Friday June 16, 2017

The Mauraders' Clay and Denise Heximer are manic musical mavericks these days, playing in several bands and traveling the country making friends wherever they go and wherever they perform. They invited their pals Danger Inc and the Sheiks of Neptune to play this intimate, fun dive bar with the Marauders and the place was packed with fans throughout the night.

MMM went on first, as we do, and had a blast givin' the crowd our version of high-energy honky-tonk drinkin' songs! People seemed to enjoy it and we even managed to sell a few of our new band t-shirts emblazoned with artwork by local artist Jw Caldwell! Thanks to everyone who made it out early!

(MMM pix by Nikki Ruffling, as usual - thanks Nikki!)

Anaheim's Danger Inc. were up next and blasted through a set of stripped-down, female-fronted (Jessica - guitar and vox) punk-pop propelled by snappy drummin' (Dave) and drivin' bass and backin' vocals (Danny). MMM's Denise sat in with them on bass and vocals for their song "Rebel Girl" and everybody seemed to dig the rock!

The Huntridge was jammed for the Sheiks of Neptune, who were highly animated, wild'n'wacky punk rock with matching outfits, toys, a crazed lead singer and a violinist! I wasn't familiar with the band before, but they obviously have a local fan base and brought them out in force for this night. Somehow, they squeezed the 6-piece combo and their equipment into a space that is tight for a three piece and were still able to put on a crazed show! Good times and definitely a group to check out!

Thanks again to Kate and the Huntridge Tavern for hosting a night of loud punk rock! The Huntridge rules!