Thursday, August 03, 2017

recommended gigs

Friday Aug 4 - the Pluralses, Badger, Better Broken at the Double Down

Saturday Aug 5 - the Unwieldies at the German American Social Club

Sunday August 6 - Howlin' King Crawdad at Saddle'n'Spurs

Monday August 7 - the New Waves with the Kilaueas at the Double Down
Monday August 7 - Amigo the Devil with the Unwieldies at the Beauty Bar

Wednesday August 9 - Punk Rock Karaoke at the Golden Tiki

Thursday August 10 - the Van der Rohe, Avon and Void Vator, Sonolith at Backstage Bar and Billiards
MOVED TO AUGUST 10 - the Delta Bombers at the Beauty Bar
Thursday August 10 - Brandon Madejek and Duane Mark at the Rusty Spur

Friday August 11 - Goddamn Gallows, Fuzz Solow, the All Togethers at the Dive Bar

Saturday Aug 12 - the Sloths at the Golden Tiki
Saturday Aug 12 - the Unwieldies at the Dillinger
Saturday August 12 - the Super Zeroes at the Double Down

Friday August 18 - FreeLSD's Bad Trip, Sleeping Jesus, Shayna Rain at the Velveteen Rabbit

Saturday August 19 - the New Waves at the Golden Tiki
Saturday August 19 - the Psyatics, Negative Nancys, Desert Tundra at the Double Down
Saturday August 19 - Angie's Birthday Celebration with the Mapes, the Sheiks of Neptune and Lean 13 at the Dive Bar
Saturday August 19 - the Swank Bastards and In the Whale at Starboard Tack grand opening

Wednesday Aug 23 - Les Grys Grys and the Van Der Rohe at the Griffin

Friday Sept 1 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Golden Tiki

Sunday Sept 3 - the Mapes, Gentlemen Prefer Blood, Odd Robot, Sheiks of Neptune at the Dive Bar

Thursday Sept 7 - Sept 10 - Big Blues Bender at the Plaza

Friday Sept 8 - Mitch Ryder at the Golden Nugget

Thursday Sept 14 - Mugen Hoso, Illicitor, Time Crashers at the Beauty Bar

Saturday Sept 23 - Danzig at the Brooklyn Bowl

Wednesday Sept 27 - Giuda at Backstage Bar and Billiards

Thursday Sept 28 - Thee Fourgiven reunion show with the Darts, the Jackets (from Switzerland) and the Laissez Fairs at the Bunkhouse

Friday Sept 29 - Shanda and the Howlers at Evel Pie

Saturday Oct 7 - Melanie and the Midnite Marauders, the Psyatics, The Legendary Boilermakers, Water Landing at the Double Down for Nikki's birthday

Wednesday Oct 18 - the Bronx at the Bunkhouse

Tues Oct 24 - Genitorturers at the Dive Bar

Saturday Oct 28 - Agent Orange, the Heroine, Sheiks of Neptune, the Psyatics at the Beauty Bar

Wednesday Nov 22 - Barb Wire Dolls, Svetlanas, '57 at the Beauty Bar

What have I forgotten? Lemme know