Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Sloths at the Golden Tiki - Saturday September 12, 2017

The Sloths, originally formed in the mid-60's, put out one highly collectible 45 at the time ("Makin' Love") and disappeared but since their re-emergence a few years back they have been touring regularly and have made several stops in Las Vegas. This was their first appearance at the cozy tiki bar, the Golden Tiki and people made it out en masse for them and stayed glued to the bandstand for their two sets of modern garage rock'n'roll.

Yes, they are still essentially a 60's-styled garage outfit, but they also incorporate 70's rock, power pop, punk and more. Original Sloth Michael (bass and guitar) is joined by outrageous showman/singer Tommy, hot-shot drummer Ray, and newest members Rik from the Wooly Bandits trading off guitar and bass and sizzlin' lead guitarist Ruben, who had been in the 70's band Hollywood Stars (produced by Kim Fowley) with Michael! 

Opening the night with one of their then-contemporaries' songs, Love's "7&7 Is", they ran through a set of covers ("Oh Carol" and first set closer "Gloria"), originals from their CD and songs given to them like Holly Vincent's "Never Enough Girls in the World" (originally written for Joey Ramone). Theatrical numbers like "End of My Rope" (with singer/magician Tommy pretending to strangle himself), "Everybody's Trying to be Somebody", "One Way Out" and their Bo Diddley-influenced "Makin' Love".

Their second set seemed to be a bit more hard rockin' for some reason - maybe cuz they were warmed up? - with more wicked guitar work from Ruben, with Michael on guitar for most of the set and rockers like "I Hope I Get Old Before I Die", a new song that will be on a split single with teh Dwarves, "Haunted", and a closer of their take on Them's version of "Baby Please Don't Go". 

Tommy does costume changes throughout the set, wanders through the crowd, sings to the femmes, and does a number of tricks with fire, lights and blood and more. The band rocks energetically behind him and a good time was had by all of the packed crowd. 

Thanks to the Golden Tiki and promoter Brian Moy and his Dirty Rock'n'Roll Dance Party for another great gig!