Monday, August 07, 2017

Out of the Desert - Cornish Pasty, Sunday August 6, 2017

We've been meaning to get to the Bluegrass Brunch even when it was at other locations, but a free Sunday and the temptations of Cornish Pasty all converged at the right time and we headed downtown for some music'n'food.

Cornish Pasty has been a fave since we discovered it at its previous spot and the large vegetarian/vegan options and voluminous drink menu makes it tantalizing at any time. This afternoon the restaurant hosted Out of the Desert, a bluegrass combo who apparently has a fluid line-up, but centers around Mark (banjo), John (guitar), Ian (fiddle) and Brian (bass) and this day was joined by a fine mandolin player whose name I did not catch. Everyone sings and the harmonies are pretty phenomenal on the trad tunes and not-so-trad, such as a Grateful Dead cover I noticed. First time I've caught this combo but it was a truly enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon!