Saturday, July 21, 2018

My Discography

I came across a box of records that I've appeared on so thought I'd make sure that this was reasonably up to date, just for fun.

Gizmos –
Gizmos EP
Amerika First EP
Gizmos World Tour EP
Re-issue CD
21st Century Gizmos Fans EP

Unclaimed –
Primordial Ooze Flavored – Mini LP
The Rebel Kind Comp – "No Apology"

Thee Fourgiven –
It Ain’t Pretty Down Here LP
Voila! LP
Testify! LP
Salvation Guaranteed LP/CD
Rock and Hard Rolls Live in Europe LP
20th Anniversary CD re-issue of It Ain’t Pretty Down Here with bonus tracks and video
Songs of Ordinary Madness – German Mini-LP
"She Shines"/"Be My Lover" single
"Wrong Side of My Mind" – The Deadly Spawn Comp
"Spiders in My Sink" – Garage Sale Comp
"Hang Up" – Sounds of Now! Dionysus Comp
"Love Is Fading" – Dimensions of Sound Comp
"Yeah!" – Battle of the Garages Vol 3 Comp
"Anything" – Ansia de Color comp
"The Reason Why" and "Sorry for You" – Raw Cuts Vol 6 Comp
"I'm Tellin' Ya" - Mister Garager's Neighborhood Comp
"Me on the Prowl" on What Wave Magazine's What's All the Fuzz About? comp

Zebra Stripes
"You Don’t Love Me" – Dimensions of Sound Comp
Zebra Is Her Name LP

Untold Fables
Organ on "It's a Cryin' Shame" on Every Mother’s Nightmare LP

Yard Trauma
Face To Face LP
Must’ve Been Something I Took Last Night LP
No Conclusions LP
Music LP
Takes Off… LP
Retro-Spex LP
"You Don’t Tell Me", "Black and White" – Raw Cuts Vol 6 Comp

The Tommyknockers
Caught Dead Inside – mini-LP
Perception is Reality LP/CD
The Clarity is So Clear LP/CD
"Noisy Beast"/"More to Come" 45
"Have Faith"/"One Too Many" 45
"The End of My Mind"/"Haircut and Attitude" 45
"Snake Lightning"/"Old Enough to Know Better"/"You’ll Find Out" 45
"I Want You" – Abus 16 Comp
"Kill City" – What Wave Comp
"Hot" - Hit By a Succession of Bricks Comp
"We Want the Airwaves" - Gabba Gabba Hey – Tribute to the Ramones Compilation
Lots of unreleased tracks

Alter Egos
Egomania! CD
"Why Don’t You Give It" 45
"She Can’t Be Stopped" – Trash on Demand Comp
"(Gimme Gimme) I’ve Been Good" – A Vital Gesture Xmas Comp

The Egomaniacs
Beat Party Comp
"Gonna Rock Tonight" - Flamin’ Groovies Tribute Comp

The Excessories
Pure Pop for Punk People LP/CD
"In the Flesh" – How Many Bands Does it Take to Screw Up a Blondie Tribute Comp
"Lost and Found" – RAFR Vol 3 Comp
"Punk Rock Boy" – Muga 16 Anos Comp

The Black Widows
Arocknaphobia CD
A Vital Gesture Xmas Comp

Doorslammer CD
"On With the Show" – Indulgence, Inc Comp
"Shake Some Action" – Flamin’ Groovies Tribute Comp

The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs
Vital Gesture Xmas Album
Guitars, Guns, Gold CD

The Cheeks
"Little Girl in the Snow" – Weird, Waxes and Wired Comp
Elvis Tribute Comp

The Vital Gesture Xmas All-Stars
"Christmastime Again" – A Vital Gesture Xmas

Lisa Lombardo
Lisa and Her Slaves CD

The Swamp Gospel
"The Devil Got Religion" on  Zia Records Comp You Heard Us Back When

The Psyatics
Guitar on "Two Timing Touch" on Worse Things Happen at Sea

Kings of Oblivion

If anyone can think of anything else, lemme know!