Friday, August 10, 2018

The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Armed Love

I am an extreme late-comer to T(I)NC, but have become a huge fan of their poppy, high-energy, garage-punk'n'roll. This one is their third studio album and the first that was produced by Rick Ruben. I do think that Rubin was on a roll about this time (2004) and did a great job capturing the sound of a number of different artists.

Powerful guitars blast out the opening two-note riff and heavy chords of the stompin' "Black Mask", an impossibly catchy, head-boppin' punk'n'roller and an amazing intro to the record. Pumpin' bass and 60's styled organ introduces "The Way I Feel About You", a terrific pop-rocker - man, these guys could write memorable melodies! There's some 70's-rock chords and more energetic catchiness in "Let's Make History", guitars are set to stun in the title track, more sing-along rockin' in "Like a Landslide", a cool, stuttering rhythm drives "A Small Demand" and a hip sax solo appears while "The Dream Is Over" is another of their wild mixes of 70's rock'n'punk, with accented rhythms and piano-poundin'.

Keith Moon-ish drums propels "This Side of Heaven", there's a breather in the almost ballad-y "All in All" (that still has plenty of edge), their politics come to the forefront in the organ-driven  "Communist Moon", an excess of intensity compels "A Voice of Our Own" that has more cool Jon Lord-like B3 organ and call'n'answer choruses and it all comes to a end with the rock-groove of "Guns For Everyone".

Damn, I wish I had a chance to catch these cats in their prime! Highly recommended!