Friday, September 20, 2019

The Psyatics, Am Samstag, Avo at the Double Down, Thursday Sept 19, 2019

Thursday nights can be tough for everyone, including touring bands, so when a couple of Swiss bands decided to drop by the Double Down, the club asked the Psyatics to add some local flavor and help out the night.

We started reasonably early (for the DD) and ran through our set of noisy garage/punk/whatever-it-is-that-we -do. There were a couple of relatively new tunes, including our cover of the Scientists "When Fate Deals Its Mortal Blow". I tried out my new wireless system (thanks for the tip Jesse!) that allowed me to buy a drink while playing "Bourbon Sway" and I almost trashed myself and my Strat by tripping over someone, but we all survived. In any case, it was a super fun set and we appreciate everyone that came out early on a Thursday to support.

(Psyatics photos by Nikki Ruffling)

The trio Am Samstag (On Saturday) came up next, using Rob's bass amp and Mark's drums, with the guitar running through the PA. They were heavily grunge influenced with a female guitarist/vocalist and a highly animated, barefooted bassist and a stompin' drummer. I got the impression that at least some of the songs were somewhat political, although it was difficult to make out all of the words, but they did have one called "Burn, Notre Dame, Burn" about people donating to the restoration of the cathedral rather than any of the other worthy causes, and they closed with a cover of the Dead Kennedys "California Uber Allies"!

Touring with Am Samstag is fellow Swiss band, Avo (no idea what, if anything, that means), a 5 piece who also have some grunge tendencies but were also a bit more metallic rock, I suppose, with a crazily spastic lead singer. Definitely some 90's flashbacks going on here, as well. Having worked that day, I was getting wiped out before they finished their set, so I snuck out, but it was a wackily different way to spend a Thursday night!