Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Illusion - If It's So

Welcome to another installment of "I really should go through my 3000+ vinyl record collection more often". After listening to Iron Butterfly the other day, I perused my "I" section and I frankly could not remember what this 1970 release sound like. Man, this Long Island combo was a scorcher! Yes, there are some psychedelic bits, especially on side 2 (not that that's a bad thing), but overall, it is a mixed of garage, hard rock and blues with smokin' riff rockers, tons of incredibly heavy power chords, great vocals and some powerful - not aimless - jams. Lots of originality, but I do hear lifts from the likes of Mountain and ZZ Top in the heavier numbers and maybe some hints of Hendrix and general San Francisco vibes here'n'there.

I found my original vinyl at Rhino Records back in the day (according the the price sticker on it) but this has been reissued - I'd say it's well worth searching out. Great hard rock/psych combo!