Friday, October 18, 2019

The Peculiar Pretzelmen and the Swamp Gospel at the Huntridge Tavern, Thursday Oct 17, 2019

I've ranted'n'raved about the PP ever since I first heard them several years back (thanks to Clay Heximer!) and I see them and try to play shows with them every time they come through town. Thursday nights can be tough, but the Swamp Gospel made it out to open up for them this evening with an somewhat under-rehearsed set (real life has been interfering lately) of our soul sanctifying songs of salvation. We seemed to have won over a few new recruits to the congregation and did our best to energize the folks that came out early

The Pretzelmen, despite being a duo, have quite a bit of equipment and took a little time to set up, but that served them well as quite a number of folks showed up late and stayed through the night, so they had a good crowd for their set. These two cats are truly one of my favorite combos working these days and they are always a pleasure to witness. Deacon's crazed drum kit consists of pie tins, bike parts, chains, various percussion instruments, and seemingly items found on the side of the road. Kevin plays a variety of homemade stringed contraptions that emulate ukuleles and banjos, as well as a mutated guitar, a somewhat standard banjo and a mandocello - the only one I have ever seen live. The songs are sorta late-Tom Waits-ian, but through their own unique filters, with lots of effected noise backing the melodies. I love their records, but they need to be seen live, where everything is stripped down but still sounds full and are a little more crazed'n'volatile and, of course, the visual fever'n'frenzy is joyous to behold.

They are currently touring the west coast - make sure you see them if you can!