Thursday, December 19, 2019

recommended gigs

Friday Dec 20 - Thee Swank Bastards at Tiki di Amore
Friday Dec 20 - Shanda and the Howlers with Cherry Rat at the Sand Dollar

Monday Dec 23 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Golden Tiki

Wednesday Dec 25 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Double Down

Friday Dec 27 - Teenage Goo Goo Muck at the Dive Bar
Friday Dec 27 - the Double Whammys at the Golden Tiki
Friday Dec 27 - the Dirty Hooks, the Rhyolite Sound, Two Man Riot at the Bunkhouse

Saturday Dec 28 - Thee Hypnotiques at Tiki di Amore
Saturday Dec 28 - Cromm Fallon and the P200 with the Kros, Nowhere Fast Moz at the House of Blues
Saturday Dec 28 - Johnny Zig and the Force at GOAT

Monday Dec 30 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Golden Tiki

Tuesday Dec 31 - Twisted Disko with DJ Atomic, Professor Rex Dart and Neil Varga (all the way from Australia!)

Thursday Jan 2 - The Cavemen, Thee Saturday Knights and the Van der Rohe at the Bunkhouse

Friday Jan 3 - the New Waves at the Golden Tiki
Friday Jan 3 - the Unwieldies at Hardway 8

Sunday Jan 5- Pinata Protest, Los Carajos with No Que No at the Dive Bar
Sunday Jan 5 -  Thee Hypnotiqus at the Golden Tiki

Saturday Jan 18 - the Swamp Gospel and the Psyatics and the Holy Smokes at the Double Down

Thursday Feb 6 - The Swamp Gospel, The Psyatics, The People's Whiskey, the Heroine, Mojave Sun and Sheiks of Neptune at the House of Blues

Sunday Feb 23 - Lord Dying, Sonolith, Plague Doctor at the Bunkhouse

Saturday Mar 14 - Thor at Evel Pie

Wednesday April 8, 2020 - the Delta Bombers, Cherry Rat, Lady Luck Lexy at Backstage Bar

What have I forgotten? Lemme know