Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent by Vincent Price

 This was a completely random buy after I had perused the internet for books on these two 50's cats on a whim, most likely after listening to some CD comp I made with their tunes. Surprisingly, I did not find a lot out there and this one was reasonably priced so I copped it.

It's a tiny one - a mere 82 pages of reasonably large print and even just a handful of pages in, the writing is pretty awkward with lots of repetition, punctuation errors, odd references and a lot more filler than real biographical information. Price suddenly jumps into a narrative storyline regarding Cochran and a friend without introducing the pal, but apparently he was close to Eddie and their stories intertwined a bit and his friend helped Cochran's family after his untimely death.

Gene Vincent is given equally short shift, if not more so, with very little info and a rushed run-through of his life, his connection to Cochran (leading to even more repetition) and his death in 1971.

There are some neat photos reproduced here, although there are no accompanying notes so there's no way to know who else is appearing in them, and there's discographies of both gents.

Really not much here to recommend though, I'm sorry to say.


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