Monday, December 26, 2011

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears - Tell 'em What Your Name Is

I came across BJL by happenstance when I picked up his latest release, Scandalous, at my local library. This knocked me out (surprisingly, I haven't written about that yet, which I will have to rectify) and my wonderful wife was good enough to get my this, his debut, for Xmas.

When I first heard Scandalous I wasn't sure if this was a modern artist or a rough-edged 60's or 70's group, but as I listened (and read up on him) I realized that this cat was mixing everything from funk, soul, blues and even punk rock into a fabulous modern brew. This debut is even rawer than the new record and the guitars bite and growl, though the excellent horn section can smooth over some of the harshness.

The musicians are all excellent and create quite a sonic storm. The music is full of punk energy and attitude with the dance-ability of funk and the raw emotion of the blues. Another great release that gives me hope for modern music!