Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Nomads - The Cold Hard Facts of Life

I've been a fan of the Nomads since I first was turned onto Outburst in the
mid-80's. The Swedish wildmen mix 60's garage with Detroit high-energy and have influenced many a band, from garage rockers to punk'n'rollers like the Hellacopters.

This 8-song CD/EP is an homage to Canadian garage punk from the 60's and the 70's and was produced by the great Chips K from Sator, who knows how to get the most out of a guitar! Here lead singer Nick and lead guitarist Hans are joined by bassist Bjorn and drummer Joakim to blast through these classic tunes. From the 60's mania of Northwest Company's "Hard to Cry" and "Get Away From It All", the terrific Ugly Ducklings' "She Ain't No Use to Me" and "Nothin'" to Teenage Head's "Picture My Face" to the Jury's vicious "Who Dat" to the Great Scots "That's My Girl" to the closer of Luke and the Apostles fuzz-driven "Been Burnt", there is no let up in the garage psychosis!

Like I said, I've been a Nomads fanatic for 3 decades of more and while I don't have everything they've ever done (they have dozens of releases), I have a good portion of them and all of them are great in one way of another. Sympathy put out an incredible compilation - Showdown - which has much of their essential work, and is a fine starting point. But, get whatever you can by them and this EP is a fun set of covers!

Embarrassed to just find out where this cover came from: