Friday, May 20, 2005

The Beguiled

Contemporaries and pals of the Untold Fables, this group – yet more loons from OC! – came from more of an r’n’b background, but infused it with a whacked-out rockabilly/ voodoo/ reverbed/ echoed mania!

Dave Fish unofficially “led” the group as lead singer/rhythm guitar/harp player, along with brother Stephen on drums, Steve Pallow on bass and Mike Ball on insane lead guitar! These guys were fairly sloppy when they started, but turned into a rampaging machine that teetered on the edge in every song and every show! These guys meant it when they played!

The songs were wild tales of big daddies, evil widows, voodoo zombies and psychotic girls and the music reflected those themes to a “T”! Mike Ball, tragically killed by a drunk driver, was a wild guitarist, with every effect on “10” at all times! Dave would scream and flail about while the 2 Steves looked like they were fighting their instruments instead of playing them!

They put out a great lp on Dionysus and a CD years later on Crypt, then dissolved. Big Steve Pallow went on to form the Necessary Evils, but, unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, no one else has done anything since. Too bad, since they never (as far as i know) released one of my favorite songs, a tribute to E.A. Poe called "Morella"! Maybe someday!

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