Friday, August 31, 2007

Dollhouse – The Royal Rendezvous

This record is a party in the style of Wolfmother/Flash Express or the MC5 in their high energy rock’n’soul incarnation (which is what the former two are doing, as well). Seeing as they are Swedes, it’s not that surprising that the Hellacopters’ Nicke Andersson produced this record – those Nordic tribes seem to all hang out together!

They definitely have the drive and the power of the other Swedish bands, but Dollhouse also has a white-boy-soul feel of the above-named groups or even early Mooney Suzuki. Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels with heavier guitars also comes to my mind.

Again, I don’t really see a reason to pick out particular songs because this is really a cohesive, well-written album. The songs are there, the playing is terrific and tight, the singing is soulful – all fab stuff and a superb addition to anyone’s collection! You will certainly be far hipper once you own this and you will impress your friends with your great taste!

(Thanks yet again to Lutz at Soundflat!)

Check out their My Space page here and a great video here


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