Sunday, May 10, 2009

Johnny Winter - Nothin' But the Blues

Johnny Winter is one of the bluesiest (and whitest) guitar players of all time. Although an albino, he has always been an authetic bluesman and has played with some of the greats, from Willie Dixon (on his debut record) through his work with Muddy Waters in the late 70’s/early 80’s and beyond. This is an extension of that work and Winter has an all-star cast playing with him here – Waters, James Cotton (harp), “Pine Top” Perkins (piano), Bob Margolin (electric guitar), Charles Calmese on bass and Willie “Gig Eyes” Smith on drums.

As the title states, this is strictly a blues album, with none of Johnny’s classic r’n’r numbers, played straight and simple, both acoustic and electric, Delta and Chicago styled. All good stuff, Johnny’s playing is hot as ever and you feel as if you are hanging in the same room as this talented bluester. Nothing is an immediately memorable standout, but it is all solid and is a great listen.

Few can play the blues like this man so any chance to hear him shine on his guitar is a joy for someone like me who loves to hear a 6 string sing. For any lover of the blues!