Sunday, July 18, 2010

Buddy Miles Express - Them Changes

I've always dug Miles' terrific funk/rock hit, "Them Changes", both in his solo version and with the Band of Gypsies, but I never got around to buying any of his work. Finally, I decided to pick this one up, which seems to be the only solo record still in circulation. But, this is a fantastic one! Marvelous soul/rock, with some blues influences and though the record company calls it part of their funk series, it is not especially funky (other than the version of Rufus Thomas' "Memphis Train"), just great!

Besides the wonderful title track, there is a cool ballad, a couple of originals, a take on Otis Redding, a bit of jazz and even covers of the Allman Brothers "Dreams" and Neil Young's "Down By the River", done in a 70's Isley Brothers fashion.

Absolutely super recording of some of the best 70's rockin' soul. Buddy has a extremely strong voice and a excellent band. Highly recommended!