Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hendrix - Setting the Record Straight - John McDermott with Eddit Kramer

After the releases of the new Hendrix re-issues with Eddie Kramer's terrific interviews on DVD, I was hoping that this book would be filled with detailed stories of Hendrix's recording sessions. Kramer is highly personable and the DVD's are wonderful and informative. Unfortunately, this book seems to be far more McDermott than Kramer and almost no behind-the-scenes tales.

Basically, this is just another Hendrix biography - nicely done and a good read, but really doesn't offer any new material, as the title would suggest, or even any new insights. I'm actually not sure what the author believes he is "setting straight", other than maybe some old rumors that I don't believe anyone thinks are true.

If Kramer ever does write his own book, detailing the sessions he engineered with Hendrix, I will be first in line to buy it. Hopefully, he will realize how many people would love to see this.