Thursday, August 11, 2011

Solo Blues Guitar instructional book

This Dave Ruben book is another deceptively simple instructional tool that actually covers a lot of different ground and gives you plenty of good musical information.

The concept of the book is to teach you how to play solo - not play lead guitar necessarily, but play the blues by yourself and keep it full sounding. So each piece is a mix of chords (and parts of chords) and licks combined to make a whole tune and goes over the entire blues progression - sometimes more than once, which sounds you the variations possible on a theme. A lot of it is simple - running up or down a scale - but then there will be unusual and creative bits tossed in that makes you do a double take and want to figure out how to throw that into your bag of tricks.

Again, there is a nice variety of blues styles showcased and with 55 exercises, there is plenty to keep you occupied for a good, long time. Not for experts, but if you were an expert you wouldn't need instructional books, would you?!