Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mott the Hoople - Under Review (DVD)

This DVD is simply an overview of Mott's career as told by rock writers and fans (including some famous, such as Mick Jones of the Clash) as well as a bit of commentary and even tour footage by later keyboardist Morgan Fisher. There are short pieces of later interviews with a couple of the band members, including Ian, from some previous TV show, but nothing done specifically for this DVD. As such, there is not much here that any fan does not already know. There are other Mott DVDs out there that I have yet to see and I knew that this did not get very good reviews, but it was cheap - and rightfully so. I don't think that this would make a fan out of anyone who wasn't already and this won't tell any fan anything new. There are some nice snippets of live shows, but all too short. Hopefully, someone else has done this band up right and has included band interviews and video footage of full songs. Pass on this one unless ya see if super cheap.